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Human Treasure Hunt

This is an activity to help your students get to know one another better and practice their soft skills (also known as essential skills).

Invention Activity

There are many ways you can foster creativity in your students and the Invention Activity is one of them. In the Invention Activity there is no right or wrong, no impossible. There are no lines to color in. No box to stay in. You get to allow your students to

LEGO Cost of Goods Sold

The Lego Cost of Goods Sold Activity provides students the opportunity to calculate the cost of goods sold for a prototype they design. The activity also allows students to understand how those costs effect price and potential profit. As an added bonus, students have an opportunity to demonstrate their design


Students will have the opportunity to participate in the three basic economic systems. By working in each of the systems, students internalize the fundamental values present in each system. They also gain insights into the basic advantages and disadvantages of each system.
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December 5, 2020, 10:00 am CST

We know this year is setting up to be a challenging one in your career.