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Business Model Canvas


The Business Model Canvas gives the student the structure of a business plan without the overhead, allowing quick understanding and ease of change.

Pitch It


The purpose of Pitch It is to help students experiment with different product or service concepts and then try to convince customers to choose their idea […]

Ice Cream Sundae


The Ice Cream Sundae activity allows your students to practice calculating COGS and Price and Profit. This activity will build upon that foundation by adding in […]

I, Pencil


I, Pencil offers teachers the opportunity to reiterate many of the themes of the market and economics, but with a specific emphasis on the market process, […]

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Pro Tips

Beginner Yoga with Ash and Mali

May 27, 2020, 3:00 pm CDT

Yoga Flow. A 4 week series. The class will include a brief talk about what to expect and some of the why’s and how’s of what […]

Ash & Mali