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Entrepreneurs learn through observation. They observe the marketplace, trends, business models, the behavior of businesses and consumers, how value is being created, principled Entrepreneurship and anything else they can learn. The purpose of this activity is to train students to be observant of the market around them. Students will record their observations by writing a reflection and sharing via your classroom platform. We will then use these observations to drive discussion about things they are witnessing in the real-world markets happening all around us.


Market observation is more than just a market research technique. The market is constantly changing; therefore, successful entrepreneurs train themselves to be observant, constantly listening and watching the market including behaviors exhibited by businesses, individuals and consumers. Observing the market is one important way each of us can seek knowledge and learn.

To begin to develop our observation skills, in this activity you will observe the marketplace, make connections to the Foundational Values and/or key concepts covered in this course. As you observe these behaviors in the marketplace, you will record them on your handout, then share them with your peers for discussion.


  • Determine how you will share the activity with your students.
  • Review the Eye Spy Reflection sheet and modify as needed. Looking at the list of topics, determine if any need to be added or removed. Decide how students will complete the reflection sheet.
    • Option: Consider making the assignment in a post in your classroom platform where students can then comment with their observations.
  • Decide if you would like students to respond to any of the debrief questions after they complete the activity and how they would do so.
    • Protip: Consistently discussing their observations will heighten students’ awareness of the concepts playing out in real-life in the market. Consider making this a weekly or biweekly assignment to then gather as a class to discuss student observations in a Socratic seminar format.
  • Post the activity to your classroom platform for students to access and complete.


Instruct students to:

  • Be observant as they go about their daily lives. Train themselves to watch and listen to what is going on around them. This may happen by them watching the news, scrolling through social media, having conversations with their parents, etc.
  • When they see an example of one of the “Eye Spy” topics listed (see Eye Spy Student Reflection Sheet), write a paragraph reflection on their Eye Spy Reflection Sheet. Each reflection paragraph should describe the situation or behavior they saw, how it is an example of one of the topics listed, and what effect the event or behavior they saw will have on the marketplace.
    • Inform students of the due date of each reflection(s).
    • Have students share their reflections and engage in class discussion around each topic.


Students can complete the debrief on paper by answering the following questions or be put into groups via Zoom to discuss their learnings.

A few overarching debrief questions are identified below; however, it is important to adapt your debrief questions and discussion to the specific situations, behaviors and topics students bring forth in this activity.

  • As a result of the situation or behavior you witnessed, what are the positive or negative consequences those involved may experience?
  • Could there be any unintended consequences of their actions?
  • Did this situation represent a win-win for those involved?
  • Other than the Foundational Value(s) that has already identified and discussed by this student, are there any other Foundational Values that could have helped those involved if they had thought about them?

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