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Personal Brand Powerpoint

Optional Possibilities: Cereal box, card stock, shoe box, t-shirt, poster board, an online platform that allows students to draw (PowerPoint, Dojo, Sketchpad, etc.), or blank paper.

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Reinforced Values

This is a project to help your students understand brands and create a brand for themselves. This is a good time to discuss why creating a brand for yourself is important. You can reference celebrity examples (good and bad) that are significant to your students.


  • Introduce the project using the PPT. Explain branding to the class using various examples of brands your students can relate to. Protip: Nike is a good one to use because most students are familiar with it. Discuss how important it is for them to develop a brand for themselves. Use celebrity examples.
  • Optional: Create a PPT with images from various brands and have students figure out which company’s brands are displayed.


  1. Determine how you will share the activity with your students.
  2. Review the Activity Guide and PowerPoint and modify as needed.
    1. Protip: The PowerPoint contains key terms that you may want to introduce during this project or provide students with the definitions used throughout. The success of the project doesn’t lie in the key terms. If you would like to introduce them later, that is fine.
  3. Decide how you would like to present the project to the class, based on resources and what you would like students to brand.
  4. Decide if you want to provide incentives for the top winners of the student voting at the end. Explain the value of taking pride in their work and why that is important in all aspects of their lives. If you want to provide incentives you may purchase gift cards, food/snacks, and/or use YE dollars.
    1. You could mail incentives to students’ homes if you’d like.
  5. Review the debrief questions shared in this guide and decide if you would like to share any of those as additional reflection questions or set up a collaborative class session using Zoom and breakouts for questions.
    1. Protip: Consider adding to the instructions any parameters around student writing (grammar mechanics, number of sentences, etc.).
  6. Post the activity to your classroom platform for students to access and complete.


  • Follow the supplemental PPT or share it virtually with students.
    • Define perception, value and perceived value. – Everyone’s perceived value will be different based on their values.
    • Define what a brand is and explain why we, as consumers, trust certain brands. – This is a good slide to discuss brands relevant to your students and ask them why they buy, trust, those brands.
  • Discuss licensing a brand and give celebrity examples. Explain franchising and give examples.
  • Challenge your students to create their own brand that symbolizes them. Explain that students will be able to draw their brand on paper or using a virtual drawing tool of their choice or as outlined by you.
    • Select and design product packaging (this can be done with a cereal box, t-shirt design, shoe box, etc.).
    • Create their brand name.
    • Packaging requirements:
      • Brand name
      • Graphics or illustrations
      • Ingredients – your personal characteristics – give examples of characteristics
      • Product features-benefits – your personal selling features and their benefits
      • Endorsement or cross-promotion strategy – explain what this means with examples
      • Other creative packaging features that will inform the marketplace, classroom, and sell you/your brand
  • Discuss when the project is due based on method of delivery.
  • Allow students the opportunity to view the work of their peers by sharing via your classroom platform.
  • Explain that students will vote for their two favorite brands by commenting in the post. The top winners will receive an incentive, as determined by you in prepping for the activity.
    • This step may be more easily accomplished through a social media page or Flipgrid.


Students can complete the debrief on paper by answering the following questions or be put into groups via Zoom to discuss their learnings. 

  • Why is it important to build a brand for yourself?
  • Does having a brand create more opportunities?
  • When you take responsibility for your life and actions does that affect your brand? How and why?
  • Was it difficult to brand yourself? Why?
  • What did you gain from the gallery walk or student pitches?
    • Hopefully they will be able to focus on knowledge or pull knowledge out of the above question.
  • How did this project make you feel?

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