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About Edmodo

Simplify communication and improve engagement with this social media style classroom conversation tool. Easily share digital assignments, create quizzes, and connect with other teachers all within the mobile-friendly app!

Why We Love It

  • Easy to keep track of classes
  • Easy to plan out lessons
  • Great for communication with students and teachers

How to Use It

Communicate with your Students

  • Your students can connect to Edmodo from school or home
  • They can prepare for upcoming events, tasks, or assignments
  • They can also communicate with you directly or ask questions of their peers

Share Resources

  • You can link websites, youtube clips, documents, images and more that are easy for your students to access anytime

Send private messages

  • Keep up individual communication with students during distance learning with private messaging

Communicate with other teachers

  • Edmodo makes it really easy to join groups with other teachers and share resources


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