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About EdPuzzle

Engage and teach students with video in a more meaningful way. EdPuzzle allows you to add your own personal touch to videos by adding in questions or notes throughout that students can engage with while they watch. You will receive realtime analytics as your students watch the videos showing that they thoroughly engaged with all the content as well as recording their responses to questions. More than 65% of students are visual learners and EdPuzzle is the perfect way to engage them.

Why We Love It

  • Easy to use
  • Completely free
  • Makes videos more engaging
  • Perfect for visual learners
  • Can keep students accountable by ensuring they watch all the way through

How to Use It

Make video assignments more meaningful and engaging.

  • Odds are, when you ask a student to watch a video, there will be a handful that elect not to watch
  • With Edpuzzle, you can annotate directly on the video with questions that students have to answer in order to continue
  • You will also receive analytics detailing how much of the video your students were watching


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