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About Gimkit

Gimkit is a fun and easy way to engage your students while also promoting them to connect and work together with their teams. You can create quizzes and have students answer questions either by themselves or in a group. Correct answers can earn them in-game cash that can be reinvested for upgrades and powerups. Students can answer the questions together as a class in real-time or they can participate at home on their own schedule.

Why We Love It

  • Free version
  • Easy to get started
  • Can play from anywhere
  • Engaging and rewarding for students
  • Students love it!

How to Use It

Create a Gimkit and assign to your students

  • Create a quiz
  • Share it out to your students
  • Have them answer questions together as a class
  • Or, have them complete the quiz on their own time and review the results


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