Google Meet

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About Google Meet

Google Meet is an effective and easy tool to meet with your students. Send invites that integrate into their google calendars where they are able to click one link to join the call. It is also easy to share your screen for presentations and there are even moderation tools to decide who can speak and when.

Why We Love It

  • Google Meet is completely free for everyone
  • The user interface is extremely easy to use and understand
  • Incorporates well with other Google products like Google Calendar
  • Easy screen sharing that is perfect for presentations

How to Use It

For Class Meetings

  • Google Meet is perfect for class meetings
  • So long as you created the meeting; you have full moderation controls and can mute students from your screen

For one-on-one Student Meetings

  • Meet is perfect for meeting with students individually
  • You can send them a calendar invite ahead of time or even easily generate a link on the spot

For Presentations

  • It’s very easy for students to share their screen and present to the entire class



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