Microsoft Teams

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About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a videoconferencing platform that comes with an Office 365 subscription. It integrates well with all office products and features a robust chatroom feature, webinars with collaborative presentations, and supports HD video and recording.

Why We Love It

  • Easy to use meeting interface
  • Robust chatroom feature where you can make channels for all of your classes
  • Easily integrates with the Office 365 suite of programs

How to Use It

Create channels, send updates, and have conversations with your students

  • Microsoft Teams chat makes it easy to keep conversations focused
  • Students can opt-in to receiving notifications whenever you make an announcement in their class channel

Easily collaborate on group projects or give feedback 

  • Teams integrates with word online and allows you to send messages and have conversations right in the document
  • You can also integrate several other third party collaboration programs


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