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About Nepris

Nepris is a platform that offers daily live and virtual chats with industry professionals on a variety of topics that can prepare your students for college and their careers. Topics include STEM career advice, employability skills, computer science education, healthcare job pathways, financial literacy, and more. As a result of school closures, they are opening up their Live Virtual Industry Chats and Video Library programs to everyone for free in order to help students stay engaged.

Why We Love It

  • Free content available through the month of April.
  • Allows students to be immersed in meaningful experiences.
  • Gives real-world applicable advice.
  • Several available subjects perfect for any class.

How to Use It

Engage students through real-world connections

  • Take learning beyond the classroom.
  • Expose your students to professionals in real working environments.
  • Experience a virtual tour of a workplace.
  • Join an industry-offered chat and let your students learn from people in the field.



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