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About Seesaw

Seesaw allows students to use built-in annotation tools to capture their activities into a digital portfolio. While students are working and writing down ideas, they can record their voices in real-time so teachers can see and hear their thought process as they progress. This program is perfect for a distance learning environment where a lot of the work is done offline.

Why We Love It

  • Seesaw gives you insights into how your students think and process information
  • You can keep track of all of your student’s assignments in a portfolio
  • Families can gain a window into their student’s learning by viewing the portfolio
  • Enforces critical thinking skills by requiring students to bring their thoughts into words

How to Use It

Give your students an assignment and have them record their thought process

  • Have your students work on an assignment like the Back of Napkin activity
  • While they are writing down their ideas and doing calculations, have them speak their thought process out loud
  • Figure out how they process ideas and find gaps in order to help them improve
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