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About Slido

Slido helps to make online presentations more interactive. This platform allows you to engage your students through live q&a’s, polls, quizzes, and feedback. Allow students to participate and capture their attention throughout distance learning presentations. Slido is offering a specific education package in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why We Love It

  • More engaging way to give presentations
  • Streamlined question and answer time
  • Encourages student participation
  • Capture responses and analyze results

How to Use It

Crowdsource questions from your students

  • Students can login from any device (no download required) and ask questions in real-time during the presentation right on the device

Maximize the effectiveness of Q&A time

  • Students can vote on which questions they would most like to discuss

Remove the fear of asking questions in class

  • Increase both the quality and quantity of questions by allowing people to ask anonymously

Help every student

  • All of the questions can be exported after your presentation into an infographic. You can then respond to any unanswered questions and share out with the class


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