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About Socrative

Create and administer quizzes in an easy and smart way with Socrative. Watch the answers to every student’s quiz populate your screen in real-time. You can also create exit tickets to gather feedback before your students leave class. Socrative will allow you to get valuable insights into your classroom and your student’s perceptions so you can adapt your lessons.

Why We Love It

  • Easy to make and administer quizzes
  • Real-time feedback
  • Detailed analytics
  • Students can provide feedback

How to Use It

Create quizzes for your students

  • Guage your student’s comprehension by creating a quiz
  • They can access it from any computer or phone so it is perfect for distance learning
  • You get real-time analytics so you can see which questions are stumping your students

Intro/exit quizzes

  • Have students begin or conclude the class with a quiz to pre/post-test their knowledge

Get Feedback

  • Socrative is perfect for gathering student feedback with a quick end-of-class survey



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